Computer Renting Services In Noida and Greater Noida

In this ever-evolving technological world, renting IT hardware like servers, workstations, laptops, desktop computers and other IT assets and peripherals can become an excellent finance option to run a hassle-free business. In fact, Renting helps you to save your precious capital, gain tax benefits and beat technological obsolescence. If you are a start-up company with less cash in your hand, you can have computers on rent to run your business. And if you need computers for a short duration or for an event, you can have it on rent. You can come to us for all your needs.

We are one of the trusted names in Computer renting services in Noida and Greater Noida We provide the best price for computers on rent, desktop hire, laptop rentals and computers on hire. You name the brand and we have it. We provide branded laptops, desktops and printers of different configurations to businesses and individuals in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. You can take our desktops for short or long rental duration. If you have less money in your hand, you can hire our laptops, desktops, printers, CCTV, projector and many more at a price that will not pinch your pocket. Corporates can hire our laptops, desktops, assembled computers and other hardware for any kind of training or project work. Companies that are not cash rich and need to use laptops for business on a temporary basis can hire our services.

We have an excellent range of computer for hire to meet the needs of your business, from simple notebooks to more powerful computer of different configurations and we can work with you and your business to find a viable solution which will suit your purpose. Our computers have the latest and most up-to-date Microsoft software and other software installed, our computer models come from a range of outstanding brands that include HP, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell and IBM and most importantly, we can even install any specific software you need. We have earned a great reputation over the years in the field of IT Hardware solutions due to our prompt and timely deliveries. We can proudly announce that we have met the needs of our clients exceedingly well and they have reposed their faith in us. Our technical support has earned us more respect from both critics and clients in NCR.

We provide the following types of computers on rent:

ZEBRONICS Intel Core i5 (8 GB / 500 GB / Windows 10) Assembled Desktop Computer (19 inch Display)

ASSEMBLD 2310 Core i3 (16 GB DDR4/1 TB/128 GB SSD/Windows 11 Home/20 Inch Screen/Assembled PC) with MS Office (Black, 45 cm x 55 cm x 15 cm, 4 kg)


Core 2 Duo , 2 GB RAM , 160 GB - 250 GB HDD , Optical Mouse , 104 Keyboard , DVD RW , 18.5" TFT , Lan Card

Core i3 , 2 GB RAM , 250 GB HDD , Optical Mouse , Keyboard , DVD RW , 17"-24" TFT , Lan Card


Core i5 , 4-8 GB RAM , 250 GB HDD , Optical Mouse , Keyboard , DVD RW , 18.5 TFT , Lan Card , Graphics Card with 1 GB RAM

Core i7 , 4-8-16 GB RAM , 500 GB HDD , Optical Mouse , Keyboard , DVD RW , 21" TFT , Lan Card , Graphics Card with 2 GB RAM