Networking and Maintenance Solutions

Today, every minute counts when you are in a competitive market. Your business has to constantly fight competition to move ahead in the right direction. In this online business world, your business is entirely dependent on connectivity. In simple words, connectivity plays a vital role in smooth functioning of your business. If you have a strong computer network, you can easily streamline your business and suppose if the network is not working properly, you may lose clients and suffer loses. Effective computer network equipments can easily facilitate smooth communication among staff both internally and externally. A quality network means your business is strong and productive. If you are a startup business, you should immediately plan and build a strong computer network to run your business. You should buy accessories such as Ethernet Cable, Optical Fiber Network Cable, LAN, WAN, VPN, Firewall, CCTV Setup and many more depending on your requirements. If you lack networking experience, you can take the help of professional computer hardware and networking companies.

Many big companies face a lot of problems when it comes to buying necessary computer networking accessories for their business and quite often end up with flawed or unstable network. If you are facing such kind of problems, don’t worry anymore. We are there to help you out. You can easily bank upon us as we are a trusted name in this important field across NCR. We have a team of experienced computer networking professionals who are more than willing to look into your issues and provide solutions at a price that is unbeatable in the market. If you need network server, Ethernet cable, Optical fiber, networking cable, internet connection or any extra software, we have it for you. We can be your one-stop shop for all your computer networking products. Our company provides a wide range of secure, fully managed network solutions customized to meet all your networking needs. We offer AMC for various networking works such as Cable Setup, IO, Face Plate, Gangbox, Switch, Rack, Wifi, Firewall, Fiber cable, CCTV Camera DVR Box & ETC Configuration and many more. One important thing to note is that computer networking is a crucial thing and regular maintenance is quite necessary. You should always take annual maintenance services from us as we will always provide you hassle-free services at affordable rates.

We provide the following Networking and Maintenance solutions:

Local Area Network (LAN) can be defined as a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link to a server. In other words, a LAN encompasses computers and peripherals connected to a server within a distinct geographic area such as an office or any commercial organization. Computers and other mobile devices use a LAN connection to share common resources such as a printer or network storage. Installing LAN is not a cakewalk, it takes expertise. If you are a novice, you should leave this job to professionals like We are one of the popular and trusted names in networking and maintenance solutions. Our value-added LAN services include provision, implementation, maintenance and management of LAN infrastructure equipments. We work with our esteemed clients round the clock to implement high-performance connectivity that supports their business processes and our efficient work methodology provides flexibility to businesses and also increases security. Our valued networking services ensure prompt customer support and also fault rectification services for installed equipments.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is the most preferred network for a large geographical area. Candidly speaking, a WAN consists of two or more local area networks (LANs). Computers connected to a wide-area network are often linked through public networks, such as the telephone system. They can also be connected through leased lines or satellites. Today, the largest WAN in existence is the INTERNET. If you are looking for reliable WAN services in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, come to us. We are amongst the prominent names in providing reliable extensive services in the design, installation and maintenance of network systems like WAN. Our cost-effective WAN solutions provide a large range of interfaces for Data & Internet access, so that link capacity can be adapted to an organization’s needs. We have a team of highly experienced engineers who can support your networking and software needs at unbeatable rates, whether be it on a user's workstation or your company's file server.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that is built using public wires usually the Internet to connect to a private network, such as a company's internal network. It is indeed a reliable method that can add security and privacy to private and public networks, like Wi-Fi Hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are generally used by big organizations or corporations to protect their sensitive data. VPN connections actually depend on the used protocols and the appointment, and most importantly, it can provide three types: node-node, node-network and network. VPNs can be of great help to you and it can be used to extend intranets worldwide to disseminate information and news to a wide user base.

Educational institutions based across the globe use VPNs to connect their campuses that can distribute various types of information or important data to targeted audience. 2-way satellite VPNs are really affordable than dedicated point-to-point satellite links. It provides you a cost-effective and easy method to integrate various small project offices out of nowhere into your network. If you need prompt, reliable and affordable VPN services, you can rely on our innovative solutions. We are one of the leading names in this field and most importantly, clients value and trust us for our VPN installation and maintenance services. Our value-added networking services empower each and every client to harness the power of technology even in distant and rural areas. The bandwidth of our VPN connectivity starts from as low as 2K and can go up to gigabits. You will be delighted to know that we use all the important latest software tools and it help us to monitor and manage nearly every hardware vendor and platform. Get in touch with us for any further information or quotation.

• Computer system - Component and field level.
• Mono/Color Monitor - Component and field level.
• Laser/Inkjet/Scanner - component and field level.
• CD ROM Drive/ CD Writer, sound Card, FDD, and HDD etc. Component level.
• Line Driver, Terminal, and 8 port Multiplexer etc. Component level.
• Cabling-Coaxial/UTP, Structured cabling/Bridges/Routers.

• Linux-Installation, configuration and maintenance of Linux O.S.
• WWG-Windows for Workgroup Networks installation, configuration and maintenance.
• Window 95/98 Networking, Installation, Configuration and maintenance.
• WIN NT-installation of WIN NT/ Back Office.

1. Configuration and maintenance.
2. Configuration and Communication Server.
3. Configuration of Internet server/ Proxy Server.

• Heterogeneous connectivity of system running various Operating Systems Lotus Notes Server Configuration maintenance and Installation support on MS mail.